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Essential facts about BioKin Ltd Essential facts about BioKin Ltd
Consulting services Consulting services
Software development Software development
Petr Kuzmic, Ph.D. Petr Kuzmic, Ph.D.

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  • United States Corporation since November 1991
  • Tax status: "S-Corporation"
  • US Tax Code Principal Business Activity: 541600 Management, scientific, and technical consulting
  • Initially (1991) incorporated in the state of Wisconsin
  • Currently (as of 2008) incorporated in the state of Delaware
  • Currently (as of 2008) operating in the state of Massachusetts (contact)
  • Owner and President: Dr. Petr Kuzmic
New Clients: IRS Form "W-9"
Download completed U.S. IRS form "W-9" Download Form W-9

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BioKin Ltd provides custom software design and consulting services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our expertise is in the analysis of chemical, biochemical, and biological data. The emphasis is on the analysis of reaction kinetics (e.g., enzyme kinetics) and complex simultaneous equilibria (e.g., receptor-ligand binding).

All consulting services are provided by Dr. Petr Kuzmic, President and Owner. Representative samples of current and past consulting contracts are available here.

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Software products and services we provide fall into three categories.
1. DynaFit licensing
DynaFit is a software package for the advanced analysis of biochemical, biophysical, and biological data arising in the drug discovery process. DynaFit licenses are avaialable free of charge to all researchers affiliated with educational, US governmental, and non-profit organizations. For-profit corporate clients may purchase annual DynaFit licenses for a nominal fee.
2. Custom software development
We design custom scripts (written in the Perl programming language) to embed the DynaFit numerical engine into the larger coporate computing environment. This allow full automation of (a) high-throughput screening and (b) evaluation of mechanistic "modality", including interface with large corporate databases (e.g. ActivityBase from IDBS).
3. Free online tools
You can find free online tools here:
Automatic drivations of initial rate equations arising in enzyme kinetics, under the classical (i.e., non-tight-binding) steady-state approximation.
Optimal Design of Inhibitor Screening
Optimal choice of inhibitor concentrations for a screening project, depending on the expected range of inhibition potencies.

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Petr Kuzmic, Ph.D.

Dr. Petr Kuzmic was born in (then) Czechoslovakia, currently the Czech Republic. He obtained his M.Sc. in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry from the prestigious Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague (VSChT). In 1985 Dr. Kuzmic obtained his Ph.D. in Bioorganic Chemistry from the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences (UOChB).

Dr. Kuzmic relocated to the United States in 1987, initially as an Exchange Scholar at the invitation of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. In 1991 Dr. Kuzmic formed BioKin Ltd as a US Corporation.

Dr. Kuzmic spent several years at the University of Wisconsin Madison, in the School of Pharmacy, Department of Medicinal Chemsitry (post-doc, 1988-1995) and later in the Department of Chemistry (lecturer in Organic Chemistry, 1995-1999). During those years Dr. Kuzmic developed novel mathematical and software tools for the study of enzyme inhibition, in particular involving the dimeric HIV protease and other enzymes.

Since 1999, Dr. Kuzmic has been devoting his time fully to providing professional consulting services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporations; lecturing; scientific publishing; and the continuing development of the DynaFit software package.

Dr. Kuzmic's current CV including list of publications in the NIH Biosketch format is available here. Petr Kuzmic C.V.

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