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Consulting Services
Data analysis in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, and related fields

Custom Software Design Custom Software Design
High-Throughput Screening High-Throughput Screening
Sample Consulting Contracts Sample Consulting Contracts

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BioKin Ltd. provides consulting services and custom software design for pharmaceutical research laboratories. Typically (but not necessarily) the product of each consulting agreement is a highly specialized software program derived from the program DYNAFIT [P. Kuzmic (1996) Anal. Biochem. 237, 260-273]. Each specialized program is:

  • seamlessly integrated into the software environment of the given laboratory (operating systems - Mac / Windows / Unix)
  • conforms to the nature of the biochemical target (kinetic mechanism of inhibition)
  • accepts as input primary datafiles obtained on the given hardware (plate readers - Molecular Devices; robots - Hewlett-Packard)
  • produces text or graphical output in the specified format (databases - Oracle / FileMaker)

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Such specialized software is most profitably used in the screening phase of the drug discovery project, when the inhibition mechanism already has been established by using DYNAFIT. In special cases (e.g., when the reaction mechanism is simple competitive inhibition) the high-throughput screening software can be used to process plate reader data.

In these simple cases of inhibition mechanisms, the speed of screening is completely determined by the experimental protocol, while the computation times are virtually neglible. A typical plate-reader datafile containing dose-response data for 6 inhibitors can be processed completely in less than one minute. Demonstration programs are available upon request.

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Examples of current and/or past consulting contracts are available below. The text of the Example Contracts is precisely as it appears in actual contracts, except that company names were deleted:

  • Consulting Contract - Example 1
    Standard hourly consulting contract.

  • Consulting Contract - Example 2
    Standard hourly consulting contract.

  • Consulting Contract - Example 3
    Standard hourly consulting contract.

  • Contractor's Agreement - Example
    Created for the delivery of a specific software product.

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