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Optimal Design of Experiments
For dose-response inhibitor screening

This page refers to a rational approach to the design of dilution series, used in dose-response screening of enzyme inhibitors. The method is equally applicable to both "tight binding" and "classical" (weakly bound) enzyme inhibitors. Includes a freely accessible software tool to automatically generate dilution series based on the range of inhibition constant values for inhibitors in the screening pool.
Journal article describing the method
This manuscript describes an application of the Box-Lucas theory to the design of inhibitor dilution series.
Calculator script
This online form performs the Box-Lucas calculations described in the above manuscript.

NOTE: The Merge Factor in the calculator represents the maximum ratio of two inhibitor concentrations that should be treated as uniquely different in the design table. Values closer to unity will produce a greater number of inhibitor concentrations in the final, optimized dilution series. For details, see the attached article.

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