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Basic tools for statistical data analysis: standard deviation, F-statistics, and more.

Optimal experiemnt design

Optimal Design for Inhibitor Screening Optimal Design for Inhibitor Screening
Statistical D-Optimal design (Box-Lucas method) for the optimal choice of enzyme inhibitors in a screening project.

King-Altman method

Automatic derivation of steady-state rate equations
Derive steady-state enzymatic rate equations from a symbolic input, under the steady-state approximation (in the absence of tight bindign).

Basic statistical tools

Tools for basic statistical analysis of experimental data.
F-Critical value F-Critical value
Compute a critical value of the F-statistics for the given degrees of freedom and probability level.
Nested models Nested models
Compute the probability that a decrease in the sum of squares, caused by the introduction of an additional fitting parameter, is statistically significant.
Two treatment groups Two treatment groups
Compute the probability that two samples of equal or unequal size (each characterized by a mean and standard deviation) were drawn from the same population.

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