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Preloaded Software Package
Download DynaFit with a 30-day license for Training Day delegates

Computer Equipment Required Computer Equipment Required
Required Software DynaFit Required Software DynaFit
Practical Problems Practical Problems

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This Training Day is exclusively a computer analysis workshop. No experiments will be conducted. The main purpose of the Training Day is to learn how to use the software package DynaFit for the analysis of biochemical binding equilibria, using reasonble quality experimental data that alrady exists.

Active participation in this Training Day requires that all Delegates bring their own personal laptop computers to the venue.

Delegates who are unable to bring a personal laptop to the venue are encouraged to work through the practical problems (see below) at their own leisure, using computer equipment that is available in their laboratories or elsewhere. This work can be done in advance or the Training Day or afterwards.

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Download DynaFit for Windows or Mac.

This requires the user to fill out a license form.
The academic licenses are free.

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The preloaded DynaFit package contains a number of practical problems we will be trying to solve in the afternoon session. The requisite DynaFit script files are located in the sub-directory ./courses/BSTD-2014 located within the main DynaFit distribution directory.

Brief description of each practical problem to be solved:

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