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1Numerical Models[PPT] [PDF-2] [PDF-6]
2Initial Estimates[PPT] [PDF-2] [PDF-6]
3Equilibrium Theory[PPT] [PDF-2] [PDF-6]
4Equilibrium Case Study[PPT] [PDF-2] [PDF-6]
5Initial rate enzyme kinetics[PPT] [PDF-2] [PDF-6]
6Enzymatic reaction progress[PPT] [PDF-2] [PDF-6]
7Confidence intervals[PPT] [PDF-2] [PDF-6]
8Optimal design[PPT] [PDF-2] [PDF-6]

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Articles being referenced in these Lectures and/or used in Practical Sessions.
  1. Lacourciere et al. (2000) Biochemistry 39, 5630-5641 [PDF]

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