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Derivation of steady-state rate equations using the King-Altman method

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[May 2015]
  • A significantly enhanced version of this online tool was made part of the software package DynaFit.
  • See BioKin Technical Note TN-2015-03 for details.

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Output format:
Rate constants:

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Type your mechanism using the following rules:
  • In the [mechanism] section, use double-sided arrows (<==>) to represent bi-directional steps, associated with two rate constants (forward and reverse).

  • Use single-sided arrows (-->), pointing always from left to right, to represent uni-directional steps.

  • List each step (uni- or bi-directional) on a separate line.

  • Reaction arrows can be represented by using an arbitrary number of dashes (e.g., ->, --->, <====>)

  • Molecule names are completely arbitrary (e.g., for the enzyme substrate complex: ES, E.S, Enzyme-Substrate, XYZ)

  • In the [modifier] section, type a list of inhibitors and/or activators separated by commas.

  • All modifiers (inhibitors and/or activators) must be listed in their special section, otherwise the derivation fails.

  • Reordering reaction steps will change the order (numbering) of rate constants.

  • Everything to the right of a semicolon (;) is ignored as a comment.

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